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Modern Draperies not Your Grandmother's Curtains

Draperies and curtains no longer have to be stuffy and heavy. These are not your grandmothers curtains! Modern drapery and curtains are luxurious, stylish, and affordable. Draperies and curtains these days come in a variety of fabrics, colors, patterns, and textures. This makes them a perfect complement to any design style. Whether you prefer a contemporary or modern, traditional or Modern Farmhouse style we can create the look to match your style. If you want a timeless, classic design in your home, draperies are a perfect choice and are some of the most versatile style options for your window treatments

Draperies for Patio Sliding Glass Doors

Options to Fit Your Home AND Your Budget

There are so many options and designs for custom window treatments let our incredible design team help you make all the right decisions. From choosing the right fabric, to choosing the type of window treatments. We can work with you to create the look you want and fit any budget.

Benefits of Custom Draperies

Draperies and curtains come with many built in benefits that come naturally

  • Express your personal style with looks tailor-made to meet your exact specifications.
  • Superior quality to mass produced treatments which will giving a longer life span.
  • Benefit of our team’s years of experience to work with you for the perfect solution to your window treatment needs.

Custom Drapery Accessories

Popular Accessories for our drapery installations include the following.

  • Swags
  • Jabots’
  • Valances
  • Cascades

Drapery Rods and Hardware

Types of Rods
There are a variety of different drapery and curtain rods available however when working with us, we'll provide the guidance to choose the perfect accessories to work with your drapes and curtains.

  • Non-decorative rods
  • Decorative rods
  • Motorized rod accessories. These can be quite complex however we know exactly how to emplement motorization into your designs for simple operation.

Contact us to schedule a consultation and we'll answer all your questions.

Picture Perfect Window Coverings and Expert Designs

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